Mindless Self Indulgence performs at Irving Plaza in New York City on 16 April 2013. Copyright © 2013 Chris Owyoung. All Rights Reserved. (Chris Owyoung)

If dodging surfers while getting verbally abused, sprayed with booze, hit with things and spit on isn’t your idea of a good time, you should go back to watching Martha Stewart, needlepoint, or whatever it is that you do. And, whatever you do, do not go to a Mindless Self Indulgence concert.

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Clint Mansell performs his first live show in New York City at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle. 3 April 2013. Copyright © 2013 Chris Owyoung. (Chris Owyoung)I consider myself lucky whenever I’ve got a camera in my hands. That I’m able to photograph some of the most talented artists of our time and (even) get paid to do it is a huge blessing. And on some nights, I downright love every second of my work. These photos of Clint Mansell performing at The Church of Saint Paul the Apostle were the result of one of those nights. Continue reading

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Months ago I had the pleasure of creating new photos for Emiko. Since then, images from the shoot have been used for everything from the social media, to the cover of her new single, to ads for her endorsements, and now the launch of her new website. Watching the timing and placement of each of the images over a series of months has a been great reminder that I’m not just creating pictures – I’m creating marketing material.

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George Raab is one of the most highly regarded print makers in North America. His dramatic etchings of the Canadian wilderness have won him numerous awards and inclusion in over one hundred principal collections worldwide, as well as numerous private and public collections throughout Europe, Asia, and North America. I had the honor of photographing George in his Millbrook, Ontario studio over the Christmas holiday. Continue reading

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DJ Melissa Nikita is a badass. She performs all over the world and, while I’m no expert, I’m fairly sure spinning tech-house with four turntables at once is crazy hard. I’ve known Melissa for years and while we’ve always want to shoot together, it never seemed like the right time or the right project. All that changed when she landed an endorsement from Denon DJ and the launch campaign for their new SC3900 Digital Turntable. Continue reading