An artist from my hometown remarked to me, that it can be somewhat of a shock for an unsigned act to leave their hometown, where they regularly fill clubs, to play a gig in NYC, were they have no fan-base. I don’t think it’s too harsh to say that the first song played by Massachusetts based rock group, The Hollow Sound, sounded as if the band was collectively wondering if it had been worth the long drive to play for an audience that consisted of one photographer and at most, 15 people.

Luckily, as I think the photos show, The Hollow Sound found their groove and brought the rock in successive songs. Their tracks “Home” and “The Life and Times” are definitely worth a listen.

As an aside (for those of you who aren’t familiar with the NYC music scene)…

New Yorkers are both infamously busy and mercurial. On the concert circuit, the combination of these two traits means that one act will pack a venue to the gills but that no one will stay for the following bands. I’ve seen this happen to nationally touring acts as well as countless unsigned local groups. I once bought tickets to see The Faint who opened for Bright Eyes at Webster Hall a couple of years back. After The Faint’s set, I chose to do laundry rather than stay for Conor Oberst.