Supported by New York locals, Camphor and LA’s Charlie Wadhams, The Bird and the Bee played a wonderful set to an absolutely enraptured crowd at The Blender Theater at Gramercy. Inara George is lovely, what more can I say?

Check back for the post-show write-up and full photo set.

The Bird and the Bee – Greg Kurstin

The Bird and the Bee – Inara George

Charlie Wadhams

Camphor – Max Avery Lichtenstein

  1. Chris – these shots are fantastic.10 out of 10!

  2. chris

    Thanks Carsten!

  3. Phenomenal shots! I read on another entry about you turning off your focus points. Does that make focusing on the right area tricky? I always feel like it’d pick the dumbest thing ever to focus on. I only have a 20D, so things might be different. I’ve been racking my brain over focus lately, it’s been the bane of my poorly lit existence. ha.

    But anyway, great stuff. I’ll definitely be keeping up with this blog.

  4. chris

    Hey Jamie,

    Thanks for looking me up! My previous post regarding focus points refers specifically to enabling FOCUS POINT EXPANSION. This is a custom function on the EOS-1D Mark III only I think.

    The camera has more focus points than are visible in the viewfinder. If the camera is having trouble focusing, you can turn on a custom function that will tell the camera to use the hidden points next to the one you have selected to “help” achieve focus.

    I’ve found that enabling these “hidden points” leads to a lot of front focusing on the MkIII.

    It does NOT mean that I turn off autofocus or use “ring of fire” predictive focus, that would surely focus on all sorts of stupid stuff.

    Send me an email if you have any more questions about my focus technique.

  5. Sweet, thanks for the info! I’ll definitely send an e-mail if I have any other questions.