Opening for VHS or Beta and Moving Units at The Blender Theater, NYC's own Soft laid the groundwork for a night of dance-punk with their dulcet brand of indie-pop. With silky vocals and shimmering guitar lines, Gone Faded (2007), is an album worthy of the groups name. To hear exactly what I mean, check out "droppin."


Soft's shoegazey aestheic made for a fairly straight forward shoot. Lead singer Johnny Reineck remained fairly static throughout the set.


The lighting setup for Soft was quite simple in comparison to the acts that followed. Warm tones dominated the set with strong yellow and red backlighting throughout. Backlighting is always difficult as it introduces both lens flare and problems with proper metering. Thought the quality of the light was worse in some respects than for VHS or Beta and Moving units, the quantity was actually higher.


Since there was a good amount of simple light, I opted to lock in my shutter speed (1/160) and aperture (f/2.8) and vary my ISO speed. The sensitivity for the set stayed under ISO 2000.


The Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L was the only lens used for this band. I've complained about the focus speed on this lens but have been pleasantly surprised by how well it controls flare.

  1. Solid set, I enjoyed all the images. The second and third images of frontman Reineck are pretty icon.

    Nice to see that you picked up shots of the other guitarist and the drummer, who are absent from my set.