Charlie Wadhams

When a lone, thin and awkwardly tall man with a guitar takes a New York stage, “simple” and “beautiful” are not words that immediately come to mind. But anyone who would write off Charlie Wadhams for either his strange Buddy Holly meets Lyle Lovett looks or his lack of musical support would be making a huge mistake.

Despite his unassuming stage presence and the rough reverberations of his guitar, Charlie Wadhams is a superb songwriter. In addition to writing two of the most memorable songs from the new film “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” staring John C. Reilly, Charlie’s 2007 release, “Free Up Your Schedule,” (Elgin Park Records) is a satisfying album filled with clever lyrics and endearing melodies resurrected from the early years rock ‘n’ roll. Album highlights include the title track “Free Up Your Schedule,” “Celebrate” and “Close Your Eyes.”


This shoot was incredibly simple. Marching orders: “Take properly exposed, in focus shots of a single, well-lit, stationery performer.”


The lighting at the Blender was abundant and very simple. In contrast to the dynamic lighting that would follow for the Bird and the Bee (the headliners), Charlie was lit by neutral white light from the front with intense blue and orange backlighting from the wings.


Since the frontlighting was neutral and unchanging, I decided to dial in a fixed white balance around 3000 kelvin. My exposure stayed locked in a 1/200 at F/2.8 and ISO 2000.


Though this show could have been shot with nearly any decent dSLR, my 1D3 performed well under the ample light. While the 24-70mm f/2.8L saw most of the action, the 135mm f/2.0L came in for the occasional tight shots of Charlie mid-song.