Hot Hot Heat @ Terminal 5 - 17.01.2008

Second in the lineup on the evening’s triple bill, Hot Hot Heat opened in support of Editors at Terminal 5. The B.C indie rock quartet brought a highly energetic and playful set that pulled evenly from the band’s past three full-length releases. Known for his animated performances and gorgeous tawny curls, frontman Steve Bays brought crates of lock shaking head whips and rocked out skinny hipster stances to the 3000+ crowd. Bays and guitarist Luke Paquin turned up the proverbial heat for groups final crowd pleasers “Good Night Good Night” and “Talk To Me Dance With Me.”

Set List:

Dirty Mouth
Harmonicas and Tambourines
No Not Now
5 Times Out of 100
Let Me In!!
Middle of Nowhere
My Best Friend
Good Night Good Night
Talk To Me Dance With Me

Hot Hot Heat @ Terminal 5 - 17.01.2008 Hot Hot Heat @ Terminal 5 - 17.01.2008 Hot Hot Heat @ Terminal 5 - 17.01.2008 Hot Hot Heat @ Terminal 5 - 17.01.2008 Hot Hot Heat @ Terminal 5 - 17.01.2008 Hot Hot Heat @ Terminal 5 - 17.01.2008 Hot Hot Heat @ Terminal 5 - 17.01.2008


I didn’t know quite what to expect from Hot Hot Heat. Though their music isn’t particularly to my taste, they do put on a good show. The entire band came out to play hard. I have to respect any band that can come on and play with that energy level and not steal the show from the headlining act.


The lighting for this set was scary. So scary I wondered how the images would be afterwards. While both guitarists were basically unlit the entire set and the dummer was lost in a purple haze, Bays was lit almost entirely from the front by weak, red wash lighting. It was nasty. I’ve been shooting a while now and I was amazed the images turned out as well as they did.


My exposure hovered around ISO 1600 at 1/200 and f/4.0 for most of the set. Despite the relative abundance of light, the color casts brought the quality of the light way down. I was constantly checked my exposure to make sure I was only blowing out the spectacular highlights of the lighting rig and not the performers faces.


Though the focus was at times off, the 1D3 performed fairly well. The 16-35mm f/2.8L and the 24-70mm f/2.8L saw all of the work for this set.

  1. AmandaPaige

    Just a little heads up the guitarist is Luke Paquin. He replaced Dante DeCaro back in ’05.
    You pictures are great though.

  2. chris

    Oh, thanks Amanda! I’ve made the correction. I’ll have to be more careful with my band rosters next time.

  3. Two comments:

    1) Very nice set overall, especially when I can imagine what the lighting must have been like.
    2) Make that purple haze guitar shot your lead portfolio. Now.

  4. chris

    Thanks Todd. There was just backlighting galore. I was very lucky that the stage was as low as it was and there were often as many lights firing on the side as on the back otherwise there would have been almost nothing to work with. The shot of Bays you comments on in flickr is a perfect example of lots of light in all the wrong places.

  5. AmandaPaige

    It’s cool just wanted you to be informed.

  6. Some really good stuff here Chris, excellent shots and I like your little commentary on each of the bands and the show and shot settings.

    Cheers, Richard

  7. chris

    Thanks Richard,

    You’ve got some superb stuff as well. Cheers, Chris

  8. chris

    Thanks Richard,

    You've got some superb stuff as well. Cheers, Chris