It’s early, REALLY early, but The Pageant is already packed to capacity and new wave favorites Nothing Still have the crowd dancing more than the recommended amount after consuming left-over Christmas ham. They’re the first of four acts on the A Very Ludo Christmas bill, but that doesn’t stop the local five-piece from rockin’ out.

Called the “hardest working band in St. Louis” by the Riverfront Times, Nothing Still is tightly crafted rock’n’roll in an energetic package.

Frontman Emilio Hernandez appeared in a bright red velvet jacket and striped winter scarf. Though the rest of the band wore less festive attire, the entire group performed with energy normally associated with major label rock acts. Frequently playing atop the lightboxes at stagefront, guitarists Matt Kleemann and Anthony Ficken gave particularly compelling performances.


Shooting Nothing Still was considerably easier than the acts that followed. The lighting was considerably stronger and less atmospheric.


The images for this set benefited greatly from the large lightboxes at the front of the stage as well as fairly neutral frontlighting on entire stagefront. What backlighting there was came in the form of blue, green, and magenta floods.


The entire set was shot with the EOS-1D Mark III and the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8. The early set time meant that Nothing Still was well into their set by the time I started shooting. I had to work quickly, but thanks to the strong lights, the image yield was very high.


My exposure stayed roughly at ISO 1600 and 1/160 at f/3.5 with occasional jumps to ISO 3200 during more atmospheric lighting.

  1. Hey Chris, nice set. My picks are #2 and the last one, #9. I agree, this set was a cakewalk compared to the available darkness that followed.

  2. chris

    Thanks Todd. You opinion is always numero uno in my book. Numbers #2 and #9 are my favorites as well. What I love about this set is how good The Pageant can make even unsigned local acts look. There’s simply no venue like that here in New York.