First on the night’s triple ticket in support of The Bravery was the indie rock five-piece Your Vegas. Originally from a small town outside of Leeds, England, the band relocated to New York in the hopes of drawing favorable reviews stateside.

Their trip across the pond paid off with numerous comparisons to bands ranging from U2 to The Killers.

Fronted by Coyle Girelli, Your Vegas played a tight set of tracks from their upcoming album and A Town & Two Cities EP. Though they were unknown to the majority of the audience, Girelli’s epic vocals and the anthemic riffs of guitarist Mat Steel had heads nodding just minutes into their set.


This was a very straight forward set, but not for any of the good reasons. As I’ve come to expect for opening acts at Terminal 5, the lighting is extremely poor. I shot not when the light was good, but when there was any light at all.


The lighting consisted almost entirely of magenta and blue backlighting with all bit the faintest amount of warm frontlighting at the very center of the stage. White waterhazers accented the atmospheric look of the show. Thought the lighting was strong enough to use ISO3200, the quality was incredibly poor.


I shot the entire set with the Canon EOS-1D Mark III and the Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L. While I did have the Canon 50mm f/1.4 in the bag, I opted for the versatility of the zoom over the light capturing throat of the 50mm.


Given the lighting conditions, my exposure fell in the range of 1/200 and f/2.8 between ISO 3200 and ISO 6400.

  1. #2 and #5 are my picks, bro. #2 is reminiscent of Soft at the Blender Theatre, just with a messier background — but I guess that’s par for the course at Terminal 5.

    It looks like Terminal 5 has deep color washes while the Pageant has thin, high frontlighting as its standard modus operandi for openers.

  2. chris

    Thanks Todd. #2 and #5 are favorites of mine as well. I have mixed feelings about #2 since it’s probably the most unflattering angle to shoot him from.

    You hit it on the nail for Terminal 5 lighting. Most of what I get for an opening act is complete trash with one or two decent atmospheric shots thrown in.

  3. thats it, brother