At least once a year for as long as I can remember, I’ve wondered what would happen if Ron Jeremy and Prince were able to mate and produce offspring. Would the child have Ron Jeremy’s sexual prowess, Prince’s high falsetto or both? Would he be a force for good or one for evil?

As it turns out, such a being exists. He sings, he dances, he writes songs for J. Lo and he loves to get naked and fuck. In other words, he has all of his parent’s strengths and none of their weaknesses. He is Har Mar Superstar.

Combining Ron Jeremy’s good looks (and healthy libido) with a Prince-like soul-croon, Har Mar Superstar opened in support of Sia at Webster Hall (March 8, 2008). Though he began the set with an upside down performance of ‘body request’ from his 2004 release The Handler, Har Mar (aka Sean Tillmann) drew heavily from his upcoming and as of yet, untitled album.

Throughout the set Har Mar breakdanced, stripped, flirted with fans and made frequent trips to the ego box. Culminating in a nearly nude performance from the audience, he dealt punishing blows of delight, disgust and yes, arousal to the sold out crowd.

The show ended in classic rock’n’roll fashion: sweating and naked, Har Mar Superstar signed off by saying ‘Thank you New York I’m available to fuck in 20 minutes.’


To describe Sean Tillmann as out of shape, balding and white is to underestimate him. Of course, all of the aforementioned traits are true, but therein lies his draw. The secret is, he’s a fairly accomplished singer and songwriter. Though I can’t fully decide on which side he comes down, Tillmann’s performances straddle the line between rock’n’roll genius and complete crap.

All things being equal, his show was a blast to shoot. (Any concert where I have to chase a singer over the barrier and into the crowd is a good one.)


Har Mar’s set was characterized by green and red backlighting with warm frontlighting at center stage. Though the lighting at center stage was decent, there was very little light on the sides and edges of the stage. Har Mar’s constant motion sent my fingers flying over various camera dials the entire set.


I shot with my Canon EOS-1D Mark III and Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L. In contrast to Sia’s set, where I used the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS, Har Mar’s frequent trips to the edge of the stage necessitated the wide end of the 24-70mm.


My exposure was all over the place. Though the quality of light wasn’t great, the center stage exposure was a generous ISO 1600 at 1/250 and f/4.0. I shot quite a bit at ISO 6400 and really slow shutter speeds, but nearly none of those shots turned out.

  1. Dude…I love Har Mar. That first shot after the break is suh-suh-weet, I can’t really say that any one is better than the others. Great stuff.

  2. And how hysterical that this is “p=69”??? HAHAHAHAHA. Did you plan that?

  3. chris

    Hi Gabi!

    This set was a blast to shoot.

    69!! HAHA I didn’t even notice that.

  4. I would like to add John Lovitz to the list of Har Mar’s progenitors, though I’m not quite sure what super powers the actor would lend.

    I lost count of the shots I like in this set.

  5. chris

    Ah yes, John Lovitz, how could I miss that one? Did I ever tell you I saw him in Central Park in a bright blue jump suit?

    I hope Har Mar and Sia make it through St. Louis. It was a great show at Webster but I can imagine a wonderful lighting treatment at the pageant.