The Magic @ Webster Hall - 24.05.2008

If you find the word Guelph both humorous and strangely appealing, you might also like Geordie Gordon’s new solo project, The Magic.

Hailing from Guelph, Ontario, Canada, North America, Planet Earth, Gordon and his five piece crew brought their danceable electro-pop to Webster Hall for the Memorial Day Weekend.

The Magic opened for and are currently touring with their friends and fellow countrymen Islands.

The Magic @ Webster Hall - 24.05.2008 The Magic @ Webster Hall - 24.05.2008 The Magic @ Webster Hall - 24.05.2008 The Magic @ Webster Hall - 24.05.2008 The Magic @ Webster Hall - 24.05.2008 The Magic @ Webster Hall - 24.05.2008 The Magic @ Webster Hall - 24.05.2008 The Magic @ Webster Hall - 24.05.2008 The Magic @ Webster Hall - 24.05.2008


It’s no secret that I like things from Canada and The Magic is no exception. They put on a fairly tight set that showed a lot of promise once the word gets out.

It’s worth noting that I arrived late and shot this show wearing a suit. Though this is common for me when I photograph weddings, I’ve never done it for a rock show. Needless to say, I kept my distance from the crowd of sweaty college kids and shot from the balcony more than usual.

As it had been for the past few shows, there was no barrier at Webster Hall, and the photo policy seemed lax.


The band was lit from the front by continuous warm spotlights throughout the set. Green, Magenta and Blue accents were thrown in from the rear and side. Although the color of the accent lighting changed with the music, the overall variance in lighting had little effect on exposure.


I shot with the Canon EOS-1D Mark III and the Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS almost exclusively. The longer reach of this lens allowed me to cut out a lot of the equipment on stage that would otherwise have posed a problem were I closer to the stage with a shorter lens.

Exposure & Settings

My exposure was roughly ISO3200 and 1/160 at f/2.8 the entire time. The shots of the drummer are courtesy of Canon’s Image Stabilization, shooting in bursts and a slower shutter speed.

  1. These are just fantastic, Chris. I really love the shot second shot on top. Those beams of light coming right down on the keyboardist. SO awesome!

  2. chris

    Thanks Keith, that’s a favorite of mine from the set.

  3. Great set, Chris. I really like how you get in tight on a lot of your sets. The second to last one is really great! The 1.3x probably does help there, like you said, but I can see how it would be a hindrance in some areas. When you say you shoot in bursts, do you usually just hold it for 3 shots or so? I find myself holding for 4, 5, and even 6 (which fills the D80s buffer), but find it’s probably not helping much, and was curious to what you did. Again, great set, and agree with Keith on his comment, stellar lighting!

  4. chris

    Thanks Chris. Actually, I find myself wanting to shoot a bit wider recently. When I “get in tight”, it’s usually because the 1.3 crop forces me too (which is good sometimes) or it’s to cut some sort of visual distraction out of the way.

    I don’t crop my photos afterwards, so I try and nail the composition the first time around.

    I shoot as many photos in succession as I feel necessary to get the image I want. Most of the time I shoot in bursts of 2 or 3 if my shutter speed is high enough.

    I shoot longer bursts if my shutter speed is low or the subject is moving. I shot about 10 frames in a row at a gig on Sunday, but that was because the subject was dancing in horrible light. I rarely go about 6 consecutive frames.

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