My old and busted portfolio just went into the garbage, right-click, empty trash. Enter the new hotness. For better or worse, I’ve been too busy shooting to update the site as often as I would like. There are shots in portfolio v2.0 that I never got to post to the blog.

  1. I remember how excited I was when I finally got twenty images that didn’t make me depressed. Nothing better than finding the next twenty that make you wonder what you were thinking when you picked your last twenty.

  2. chris

    Hi Jason, thanks for your comment! There was a period this year when I very much wanted to delete everything from my first six or so months of shooting. It was crazy. I didn’t do it of course, but urge was very real.

    I think it’s a good sign for an artist if they constantly look back and feel a sense of needing to change.

  3. I know that for me picking my “best” images or selecting ones for a collection is a pain. I feel like its going to take me years to really develop a style.

    Your work is really phenomenal here, Chris! Great stuff man. So much emotion. Lots of energy in those sharp, well-lit shots!