Arthur Lewis (promotional)

When I’m not furiously editing live shots from last night’s gig, I’m eating, sleeping and setting up promotional shoots for sickeningly talented individuals like Arthur Lewis.

Arthur Lewis (promotional)

I caught up with Arthur on a breezy Sunday morning to put down some shots ahead of his upcoming album. The goal – get compelling images for liner artwork and promotional material.

The shoot lasted approximately three hours and ranged from my Financial District rooftop to the shaded alleyways of Tribeca. Though we went through several wardrobe changes, I’m mighty partial to the more formal looks.

Arthur Lewis (promotional)

Arthur’s solo EP entitled If We Were, is scheduled for release on September 16th through Rock Slinger Incorporated and, believe me, it’s hot enough to make you want to find the nearest dark corner and someone good-looking to occupy it with. Speaking of dark corners, don’t miss Arthur’s show on September 19th at Ars Nova.

Arthur Lewis (promotional)

smoldering. baby. smoldering.

  1. Nice shots Chris

  2. chris

    Thanks Bryan!

  3. I love the second and last ones. Really compelling work!

  4. Aurora

    Can we buy these??
    Really nice shoot…; )