The Pigeon Detectives @ Virgin Festival Toronto

Pigeon Detective’s frontman Matt Bowman soars like a bird at Virgin Festival, Toronto.

After two days, 19 bands and 2,458 shutter actuations, I’m nackered. Although I’m still sorting through the images I’m very pleased with my take. More to follow including Bloc Party, Stereophonics, Shudder to Think, and Oasis.

  1. i thought i was on danny north’s blog for a second

  2. Wow ! spectacular capture !

  3. chris

    Jason – I hear ya man. Danny’s shot is awesome. In fact, it’s right behind my shot of Lil Wayne in SPIN, August.

  4. chris

    Thanks Victor. I basically when into this shoot with the sole purpose of getting this one image.

  5. Chris, this is one HECK of a shot. I love the color. Love the moment!

  6. chris

    Thanks Keith. I originally had this on AUTO WB, and it was a lot warmer. I then changed it to FLASH (he’s lit by my flash) and it really popped. Gotta love RAW.

  7. OMG! I love what can happen with just a little change in the RAW like that. So cool!

  8. chris

    I know right?!!?