The Bird and The Bee

I had the pleasure of shooting one of my favorite bands, The Bird and The Bee, at Spiegelworld at the South Street Seaport this week. Inara and Greg were wonderful. I’ve just moved into my new apartment so it will be a couple of days before I can unbox everything and deliver the full set. Let’s hope the cable guy comes on time! Houswarming party anyone?

  1. Fantastic use of light I have to say!
    Great job, congrats.

    Best Regards

  2. chris

    Thanks Celso. It took me a while to get this angle as the light kept changing song to song. I think it paid off though!

  3. Can I get your old apartment? lol. I need to move closer to NYC and find a new web design job.

  4. chris

    Hey Bryan, they’re asking almost $2,800 for my old apartment – that’s why I had to move!