Judging from the abundance of mullets and usage of the phrase “eh?” Terminal 5 was either the next stop on the Canadian monster truck circuit or Calgary’s Tegan and Sara had booked back to back shows. Thank goodness, it was the later.

Canada’s favorite twin sisters delighted the T5 crowd with trademark interminable bouts of stage banter and a 22 song set that rocked every single asymmetrical haircut from the barrier to back.

The twins saved some of the best for last performing my personal favorites from The Con (2007) – Dark Come Soon, Nineteen and Back in Your Head – towards the very end.

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Set List:

You Wouldn’t Like Me
I Bet It Stung
Burn Your Life Down
Walking With A Ghost
Hop A Plane/Superstar
Love Type Thing
When I Get Up/Umbrella
Give Chase
One Second
Where Does The Good Go
Living Room
Speak Slow
So Jealous
Like O, Like H
Call It Off
Dark Come Soon
The Con
The First
I Won’t Be Left
Back in Your Head


I’ve had a lot of Canadian friends for a while now many of whom are Tegan and Sara fans. It took a while but I must admit that Tegan and Sara have definitely grown on me. Though I’d caught up with Tegan at a rare solo appearance weeks before, this was the first time I’d seen the twins in action together.

I had high hopes for the lighting going in but was disappointed with the red and blue wash used during the first two songs. Most of the keepers in this set came during song three when the twins were hit by stronger red and blue lighting thrown from large banks of LEDs in the wings.

The rough lighting justified an exposure somewhere around 1/160 at f2.8 and ISO 3200-6400. This still left a lot of images drastically over or under exposed.

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    Great photos!