Feedback needed. Both my live and promotional portfolios received updates today. New images went in and some older work came out. I’ve also organized all of the photos by height. This is where your opinion counts! In addition to general feedback about the images, I’d like to know if the new organization helps or hinders the viewing experience. Should I also make all of the images the same height?  What do you think?

UPDATE – It’s official, I love the internet. I’ve incorporated almost all of the initial feedback into the new version. Keep it coming folks!

Huge shout outs to the following first responders for their awesome feedback:

Brandon Wu
Tasha Schalk
Todd Owyoung
Olivier Cesar
Sara Montour

  1. That is a sick, sick live portfolio. Beautiful work. All those shots are great but I’m particularly obsessed with that one of Regina Spektor.

    Presentation is nice, I’d love to see info for each shot on who the artist is, but otherwise no real quibbles. Is that AutoViewer or something else?

  2. I like the organization, seems a little more streamlined…

    My only crit would be on the one crowd shot with the flag. While a perfect “in the moment” shot, I’m not sure it’s up to par with the rest of the images.

  3. I think it works well, bro. I like the grouping of formats, it makes for an easy viewing experience.

    My comments:

    1) I would consider putting the vertical images first for more space-filling impact.

    2) I agree with Tasha about the flag shot. It’s too specific, which is a negative in this context. I’m not totally sold on the stadium shot as it sits in the portfolio for the same reason.

    3) I’d consider starting with the Diet Kong promo shot for the verticals in that group, it has more impact.

    4) I think the last two shots in the live portfolio of Har Mar and Brian Viglione are too similar in their poses, which undermines their individual (and collective) impact to my eye. I’d consider moving Viglione up sooner in the sequence.

    5) For the horizontal live shots, I think there’s a good flow. With the verticals, I’d consider varying the perspectives in the sequence more. There are a lot of waist-up shots of performers and I think breaking that would introduce more variety.

  4. Todd and Tasha are right, the flag shoot disturb me in some ways.

    I do not totally agree with Todd about putting all the vertical images first. I like variety. So, maybe randomizing the images would help to give a better impact. I could be wrong wrong…

    For the Live shots, I would have put the picture of Porl Thompson just after Linkin Park singer. A lot of guitarists shot at one. Again, I could be wrong.

  5. I think that you have the opportunity to make the horizontal images larger and it makes sense to utilize that. I think they’d make a huge impact if they were as tall as the vertical ones, and I’m also a fan of mixing horizontal and vertical shots.

  6. I think you definitely need the shot info for the promo shots. i don’t know who half those people are. Also, I second the call for having the horizontal and vertical images the same height. I think Todd has it that way and it looks better. You lose some impact for the vertical shots, but the transition from shot to shot isn’t as jarring. Do you need the paid version of autoviewer to do that?

  7. PORTFOLIO: Feedback Requested

  8. The Kanye West and Liam” Gallagher [I assume] photos don’t seem as punchy as the rest in the live portfolio. The whole set is full of lights, guitars, drums and big vocal stills, these two shots don’t seem to sit in with those.

    Is there an option to go back to the beginning, I didn’t see that and had to scroll back through them one by one.

    For the promotional portfolio the very last image doesn’t pop, seems a little flat compared to everything else you have in there. The photograph of the guy with his hands up is stunning, I love the harsh lighting on him and the overall look of the image, maybe use him or something similar for the ending shot?

    nice work :)

  9. Hi, I’m late here and I missed out on that flag picture – I see that now it’s gone!

    Anyway, I won’t attempt to criticize the quality of your photos because I simply can’t. They are really friggin’ good.

    Instead I’m going to agree with some others about the way they are presented/arranged. From a first-time-viewer’s perspective, it sort of feels like some of the images are grouped together with similar background and lights.

    I get a feeling that some photos with dark background and colorful stage lights are appearing as a series rather than scattered. I could be dead wrong as others may have suggested but I think such arrangement could make the series feel somewhat repetitive. Perhaps mixing indoor and outdoor shots more randomly could make them feel less repetitive? I’m only concerned about the live portfolio. Promotional portfolio feels well-balanced.

    I like how you’re portraying iconic figures here. My understanding is that portfolio can be a PR material in a sense therefore including highly publicized artists is essential. Maybe you can throw in that Lil Wayne photo from Spin for this purpose?

    Oh man I feel like I’m complaining or something here but I’m really not, but I do feel grumpy because it’s way past my bedtime… see ya and good luck!

  10. Hey Chris,
    Just looking at this now and the biggest thing for me is the groupings. I’m really not feeling the all vertical/all horizontal thing. It’s a bit distracting to me, mainly because the vertical shots seem really cramped together, but also because portfolios are all about showing variety and the way they’re grouped just doesn’t do it for me. The shots are nice and wide in their content and work well together, but when they’re grouped like that… I just can’t get past it.

    I also echo the sentiment that I’d like labels for these. I recognize many of them, but I think it’d be helpful to have the name there as well.

    In terms of content, great work. I don’t mind the Kanye/Liam shots because they’re in such great contrast to the rest of your work. Lots of action shots, but some shots of the artists concentrating on their work as well. Nicely done!

  11. Hi Chris,

    I’m very impressed with your images and the skill with which you use fill flash to make “available darkness” situations work without over-lighting them to destroy the mood of the ambient light. There is a definite art to making that balance of bounce light/off-camera flash and ambient work to your advantage. Don’t know if you use it but when I learned (still learning) about “rear-curtain synch” flash – it opened up a whole new world of photography to me in low light situations.

    My only request would be if you could speak to getting access to the big acts – any suggestions in this regard would be great. I shoot for ZUMA Press and if I had a dollar for every time my photo credentials request came back with “we don’t allow wire service photographers to shoot our artist” I could retire to Belize.

    You are very talented – keep shootin’ sweet stuff..

    Happy 2009, Bruce.