Barack Obama is will be the 44th President Of The United States of America in a few hours and Nikon just updated the firmware on my new best friend, the D3. Camera fans, January 20, 2009 is a good day.

(Before reading further, I advise you to put down any babies you might be holding and swallow that mouthful of cornflakes you’ve been munching.)

D3 firmware version 2.01 improves the “autofocus-response performance in focus mode C (Continuous-servo AF mode) with relatively dark subjects.”

Seeing as the AF performance in servo mode was one of the main reasons I sold my Canon EOS-1D Mark III and switched to Nikon, I’m very happy to see that good things can get even better.

Got a D3? Go get the windows version or the mac version of firmware 2.01 now.

  1. thanks for the link! i just found your site looking for where to download the firmware, and i’m more than excited for the improved af-c in low light. i’m sure you are asked this quite a lot, but are you related to todd owyoung? also, your site doesn’t seem to display your live and promo pages correctly for me. i’m running firefox 3.0.5 on a mac running os x 10.5.6. but your flickr stream is impressive!

  2. kenny

    man i still havent upgraded my firmware from when i bought the camera back in April. I need to get on that!!!

    now do you know if i have to upgrade to the 1st update and then to this one or does this upgrade include the 1st one? any idea?

  3. New blog post: New D3 firmware improves AF:

  4. All of these comments, and no one noticed that your post says December 20, 2009 was a good day.

    Also, the baby I just put down just spit cornflakes all over the floor. Thanks.