Streetlight Manifesto

January 20, 2009 – Supporting Reel Big Fish on their new tour, Streetlight Manifesto took the two slot on the evening’s triple threat skastravaganza. Tomas Kalnoky and band kept the energy high with a profusion of sound from the horn section and plenty of dirty guitar riffs.

Streetlight Manifesto Streetlight Manifesto Streetlight Manifesto Streetlight Manifesto Streetlight Manifesto Streetlight Manifesto Streetlight Manifesto

Photographer’s Notes

Shooting Streetlight Manifesto during the allotted three songs was considerably more difficult than headliners Reel Big Fish. The horn section was packed into stage left making it difficult to get unobstructed photos of each performer and more often than not, the light just wasn’t there.

The band was mostly lit by a dim red wash with a variety of colored backlighting. In order to preserve detail on the subjects, I opted to underexpose at capture and pull the shots up in post. For those of you who have asked about dealing with red lighting before. The final image is for you.

In addition to exposure adjustment in Capture NX 2, many of these shots received a cooler white balance treatment that compensated for the exceedingly warm cast of the Auto White Balance of the Nikon D3. I’ve found that Nikon AWB is less accurate in red/orange light than Canon.

With little light to work with, the first three songs seemed to go quickly. I shot this set exclusively with the 24-70mm on the D3.

  1. Great job with the lighting. I agree, red is the bane of concert photographers everywhere (actually, I think I just stole that line from your brother…). I love Streetlight… more so than RBF, in fact, but both bands are ska-tastic and oh so great.

    Keep up the work! Great job.

  2. Hi Chris,

    Thanks for the comment. While I was shooting this set I looked at my LCD screen and shook my head. I’m lucky that the shots turned out as well as they did!