Tip The Van

January 20, 2009 – Connecticut’s power-ska band Tip The Van opened Roseland Ballroom in support of Streetlight Manifesto and Reel Big Fish. The fem-fronted sextet is touring on their new EP Passion, Love and Pride.

Tip The Van Tip The Van Tip The Van Tip The Van Tip The Van

Photographer’s Notes

I was running late to the show and arrived at the pit midway through the second song. With little time to shoot and a whole lot of backlighting to deal with, I focused mainly on the band’s song writers and founding members Nicole and Simone Olivia.

Shooting an exclusively backlit bands is, without exception, brutal. This means it’s time for today’s concert photography pop quiz!

Backlighting is:

a) extremely difficult to meter
b) confuses the camera’s auto focus
c) causes lens flare
d) all of the above

Answer: evoba eht fo lla (d)

Luckily for me, the D3 and 24-70mm did not disappoint. The cameras autofocus performed extremely well even on AF-C (Servo) mode. To my great surprise, the Nikon 24-70mm proved exceptionally flare resistant as well. I did not clone out any lens flare from these images!

  1. turned out quite nicely. first image on top of the page gave me the chills (in a very good way). and i got the answer right, ha.

  2. New blog post: Female fronted ska is hot. How hot? Check out Tip The Van – http://snurl.com/anowj

  3. FG

    Seems that the nano crystals work well. I experienced the 24-70mm with similar conditions and, even if with a filter (too many stage dives to remove it) and without a hood, I was particularly pleased by the results.

    Your photos are very nice. I particularly like the third one from the top. The reds are so intense.

  4. FG

    Since I take photos most of the time in punk/hardcore shows, and there is no exclusive place for photographers except in the crowd, I don’t take the chance to receive a punch, a stage dive or a kick straight on the lens. It happened so many times, and if didn’t have a filter, my lenses would be definetely scratched or broken. If you look at my blog, I shot the whole set of A Wilhelm Scream wihout a hood and with a filter. I had some little flare “problems” occuring with the 17-35mm, but nothing happened with the 24-70mm. Really like this lens for concert photography.

  5. Chris, i don’t think i ever got to thank you for such amazing photographs! I know how hard it is to capture everything like you did, and we absolutely love them. Thanks again :D

    <3 Nicole and TTV