Be polite. Be professional. This may come as a surprise, but the photography business is not a talent show. No matter how good you are, if you’re unreliable, difficult to work with and a jerk, the fans will hate you, other photographers will shun you and no one will hire you.

Be polite to fans – Even though you’ve got a job to do, you must respect that people paid to see the show. How would you feel if you’d spent $50 and 4 hours in line to get to the front only to have some douchebag with huge camera force you out of the way because “he’s got a job to do.”

Be polite to other photographers – Although you’re competing for the same shots, it doesn’t mean you can’t all get along. Keep your gear under control and the hail mary’s to a minimum (holding the camera above your head and flashing the bejesus out of the people on stage doesn’t take talent and only pisses everyone off).

Keep in mind that the people sharing the pit with you could be in a position to hire you or refer you to future assignments –  you could be sharing the pit with a photo editor or a photographer who will give you your next big gig.

I recently gave a major assignment to another photographer becuase I was already booked. Why did I choose her out of all the people I know? Because she is polite and professional in addition to having the talent to deliver.