Here are some of the general guidelines I follow when shooting in the pit:

1) Take up as little space as possible. This means traveling light and being conscious of your equipment. The less space I take up the more space is available for me to move and other photographers to move around me. It’s not another photographer’s fault for bumping me if my bag and jacket are taking up too much space for them to get by.

2) Use the courtesy tap. If you need to get by a member of security or another photographer, simply tap them on the shoulder to let them know you’re coming by instead of barreling through them.

3) Don’t leave your gear unattended. Security is not there to watch your stuff, don’t assume that they will babsit your $1500 lens. If you have to leave your bag somewhere, make sure there is no easy access. I’ve seen photogaphers lose lenses and laptops containing thousands of shots.

4) Be nice to fans. They paid to get in. They waited in line for hours. They will be your best friends or worst enemies all depending on your behavior.

5) Listen to security.

  1. Thanks Chris for all the tips you share with us.

    I will add, Watch what you are wearing. I saw, last week, a photographer come to a nice event wearing jean and running shoes. Not good when everyone wearing tux! And be on time, he arrived 30 min late. Everybody noticed it and I received an compliment from the director of communication about my professionalism. Not a surprise for me when some photographers are rude like this.


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