When considering upgrading your dSLR beware the marketing hype. Sure, big jumps in megapixels and long lists of new features may sound nice, but might be accompanied by lower image quality and a lack of features that matter specifically to you. Examine your photographic style and pick the camera that will compliment it best. It might not be the newest one or the most expensive.

  1. hey man just a fan of your work im an aspiring photographer just starting out and i love going to shows and having a blast but i wanted to do photography. i just started out and purchased a nikon d5000. i was wondering if this cam will still get me good quality pics for starting out. i am worried about the low light with the no flash rule and i just want to get used to not using incase im not allowed. but lets say they have the 3 song rule. when i turn off my flash and hold down the button to take the pic a light turns on then off. its not the flash but would that be something i would need to turn off for that rule. thank you for your time. love your site. if i see any copy rights violated ill take care of Fluffy myself and send you the pic. thanks again for your time.

    chris monroy