Septic Flesh

2.27.09 – The Greek metal band Septic Flesh performed a short but pounding set in support of their fellow black metal tourmates Satyricon and Cradle of Filth.

Septic Flesh Septic Flesh Septic Flesh Septic Flesh Septic Flesh Septic Flesh

Photographer’s Notes

I spent approximately 12 minutes in front of Septic Flesh but it felt more like 5. The lighting was exceedingly dark for most of the first three but for a few moments when the band was blasted by strong white backlighting.

I shot mainly with the 24-70mm on the D3 with an exposure that fell well below my comfort zone. Most of this set was shot at ISO 3200 at 1/60 and f/2.8.

  1. Not comfortable going up to ISO 6400 even on the D3, huh?

  2. Great shots Chris. The images convey the energy well.

  3. If nothing else you can tell your kids you photographed “Septic Flesh” without having to look at a dead body :)

  4. FG

    There’s pretty much hair in those ones! Really like them!

  5. That's pretty gross Rene. Pretty gross!

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