Matt & Kim
March 21, 2009Matt and Kim proved that they can rock a crowd of hundreds or a sold out crowd of thousands with their performance ahead of Cut Copy at Terminal 5. The Brooklyn duo shattered synth keys and punctured drum heads in support of their new album Grand out now on Fader Label. If you’ve never experienced the insanity that is a Matt and Kim show, go. Go now.

Matt & Kim Matt & Kim Matt & Kim Matt & Kim Matt & Kim Matt & Kim Matt & Kim Matt & Kim Matt & Kim Matt & Kim

Photographer’s Notes

Although you wouldn’t necessarily know if from the photos, the lighting for this set was a dismal mix of strobes, backlighting and red wash. Luckily the Nikon D3 files are as flexible as they come. I shot for the first three songs with no flash and took a few shots from outside the pit on stage right.

My exposure ran roughly from 1/250 at f/2.8 and ISO 3200 to as low as 1/60 at the same aperture and ISO 3200. Although ISO 6400 is totally usable, I generally avoid it if the actual quality of the light is poor.

In all honesty, Matt and Kim are best photographed with flash in smaller venues with fewer rules. They crowd surf, go even more nuts, the fans love it and the photos are a lot more exciting.

My Favorite Matt and Kim Video, “Daylight”

  1. Nice work. They look like a really energetic duo.

  2. Thanks Craig. I heard yesterday that Matt hurt his back during one of their shows. (This isn’t surprising considering he has the habit of diving into the crowd.) I do wish him a speedy recovery though. It would be a shame to miss their tour. Definitely check them out if them come your way Craig.

  3. Chris

    i cant beleve matt hurt his back. that sucks! i hope hes well enough to play the show at the santa monica peir on the 15th. there like my favorite band.