The Energy - Portraits

March 28, 2009
– Last month, The Owyoung Brothers caught up with the guys from The Energy for a run-and-gun portrait session right before their sold-out show at The Fillmore at Irving Plaza. Here are some of the shots.

The Energy - Portraits The Energy - Portraits The Energy - Portraits The Energy - Portraits The Energy - Portraits The Energy - Portraits

Photographer’s Notes

A combination of five Nikon speedlight flashes were used for this setup: four remote SB-600s controlled by a single on-camera SB-900 in commander mode. This is Nikon’s CLS system in full effect.

Since we had all of 15 minutes of shooting time, all of the shots used the same lighting configuration:

Two bare SB-600s as backlights
One SB-600 bounced into a 45″ reflective umbrella camera left (fill)
One SB-600 shot into a 15″ Lastolite EZYbox Softbox on boom high camera right (key)

The position (height )of the EZYbox gave the images the dramatic shadows need to fit the setting while the modifier itself enlarged the light coming SB-600 enough to soften it significantly. The EZYbox was mounted on a monpod and held very close to the subject – just barely out of frame. The closer and larger the source, the softer the light.

For more examples of the EZYbox in action, check out Todd’s portraits of Dragonforce.

End Notes

A huge thanks goes out to The Energy (Adam, Ian, James and Zack) for putting up with us while we barked orders for 15 minutes straight.

  1. New blog post: Portraits: The Energy —

  2. Dude , they rock ! Great job under time pressure.

  3. FG

    Ah man, those are great!

  4. Christrobist, nice work in such a short amount of time.

  5. Jeremy Gordon

    I love the use of the main stairs at Irving Plaza for your setting.
    Thanks for the lighting info as well.

  6. Great portraits. I left a comment on Todd’s site about the EZYbox. It’s good to see some different shots using it.

  7. The star effect on images 2 and 4 is really stunning – wonderful set of images!

  8. RT @chrisowyoung Band Portraits of The Energy at The Fillmore at Irving Plaza | Chris Owyoung … (via @tweetmeme)

  9. Don’t know how I missed these, but these are sick. The backlit 600s definitely add a ton to the photos – these are absolutely great for indoor shots. Very dynamic.

    Also, the Irving Plaza link above came up as a blocked website due to weird activity of some sort? I don’t know but Mozilla recommended blocking it..

  10. Hi Jeremy,

    The number of good settings for the shoot inside Irving were fewer than I had remembered. The downstairs lounge is quite small now and the walls of the balcony bar (which is very nice) are covered with framed posters (which are not very nice). The stairway seemed like the most convenient place to set up given that the railings give the photo a nice vanishing point and the stairs themselves allowed us to position the band members by where they seemed visually pleasing regardless of their actual height.