No Doubt - Camden, New Jersey

June 11, 2009 – I know, I know – everyone always shoots Gwen. Never fear No Doubt fans, there’s plenty more of the band where this came from. The full set of 40+ photos and shooting notes will follow shortly. This concert was awesome.

  1. New blog post: One from No Doubt – Camden, New Jersey —

  2. Nice one.

    I did this one last night, it was a blast. And I did shoot a ton of Gwen of course, but partly because the stage was ridiculously freaking high and she was the one up against the edge all the time and therefore easiest to get a bead on…

    Looking forward to seeing yours!

  3. Chris Owyoung

    New blog post: One from No Doubt – Camden, New Jersey —

  4. Photo Preview: No Doubt performs in Camden, New Jersey 2009 | The …

  5. You sir are a lucky man. I’m trying to track down the PR info for No Doubt and I’m having a hell of a time. Any suggestions/tips?

  6. omg i just cant get enough of these. love them. did you get to shoot paramore by any chance? if you post them also i will die.

  7. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  8. Hi Brandon, thanks. It’s amazing how height (yours, the performers or the stage) greatly determines the compositions available to the photographer and the shooting strategy as a whole.

    For their performance at Bamboozle, I the stage was so high I was forced to stand in the long center aisle of the pit on a stool just so I wouldn’t have the heads of other photographers in every one of my shots. It still wasn’t enough!

    In Camden, the stage was only about 5 feet but the pit was so narrow, I couldn’t get far enough away from the performers to avoid shooting sinus cavity all night =)

  9. Hi Jon,

    I was credentialed for this show through very unconventional means.

    However I just did a google search for “No Doubt” “Tour” “2009″ “Interscope” that came back with the following search result:

    I would start there. Hope that helps.

  10. Hi John,

    It was great to run into you last night. As a matter of fact I shot all three bands: The Sounds, Paramore and No Doubt. As you know, I’m busy planning my wedding but I will get around to posting the shots asap. Stay Tuned my friend.

  11. No Problem Jon!

    Searching for contacts can be very frustrating some times. Let me know if you have any tips for me.