Paramore - Camden, NJ

Paramore performs at Susquehanna Bank Center. June 11, 2009. Camden, New Jersey

June 30, 2009 – This image of Hayley Williams is one of the last photos my pc ever processed. After eight years of faithful service, it crunched its last zero and died. As soon as I’m up and running again the posts will start flowing, promise!

  1. Hayley is stunning…she has that capability!

  2. New blog post: Preview: Paramore —

  3. Sometimes the low angle like that is all ya have to work with huh?! Looks like you are getting a new Mac Pro via twitter…THATS SICK! Sry to hear about the computer problems!

    I am doing well in Cleveland, just shot the Fray and Ace Enders last week after being in St. Louis shooting lots of rap. Hopefully it will continue to be a busy summer…shooting Warped Tour for the first time. I hope you are great too man!