June 11, 2009 – Building upon The Sounds‘ energetic set, Paramore opened in support of No Doubt at the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, New Jersey. If you’ve into female-fronted rock music, this tour is not-to-be-missed!

Paramore_02_CMO4890 Paramore_03_CMO4778 Paramore_04_CMO4786 Paramore_05_CMO4730 Paramore_06_CMO4832 Paramore_07_CMO4860 Paramore_08_CMO4839 Paramore_09_CMO4820 Paramore_10_CMO4705 Paramore_11_CMO4696 Paramore_12_CMO4866 Paramore_27_CMO4879 Paramore_14_CMO4816 Paramore_15_CMO4707


Even if you’re not down with teenagers, hair dye or pop rock, you have to admire the energy level Paramore brings to their live shows. The fervor surrounding their concerts is both amazing and a bit insane.

When I wasn’t chasing Hayley from one side of the stage to the next, I was getting pushed off of the barrier riser by front row fans who wouldn’t have their view obstructed for a single second, especially by a photographer.

The narrow pit and pushy fans meant that I shot a lot more sinus cavity than I like, but other than the rather extreme shooting angle, the photography went well – the lighting was ample and the band rocked enough during the first three songs to create lots of great photo opportunities. Nearly all of the photos in this set were shot with the Nikon 24-70mm lens at f/4 and 1/400. My ISO hovered around 2000.

  1. Wow, you seriously got some priceless shots of the whole band here! I love Hayley’s outfit. That last shot is on fire! Haha. You rock.

  2. New blog post: Paramore —

  3. Hey Chris,

    Really nice shots, but I was already seeing them coming after that quick sneak-peak you put out before.

    You have some of the sickest colors I’ve seen on some of the shots. Particularly like the 5th shot (the bassist one), the first because of the pose, the second last because of the angle and the last one because of the headbanging moment. Stellar set ;)


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