Evolution (Journey Cover Band) - Bamboozle 2009

Journey cover band Evolution bamboozles the crowd at The Bamboozle Music Festival, 2009. East Rutherford, NJ.

Just a Friday afternoon snap from Bamboozle 2009. No, it’s not the real Steve Perry, it’s Hugo, the lead singer of the frighteningly authentic Journey cover band Evolution. Had me and the reporter from Rolling Stone fooled.

The moral of the story? If the festival is called bamboozle think twice before jumping to conclusions about the special guest!

In a more global sense, this is another reason music photographers need to double and triple check the names of the band members when writing image captions and metadata.

I’m going over the several thousand images I have from the festival and will post highlights soon. Enjoy the weekend!

  1. Will the real Steve Perry please stand up? — http://cli.gs/8JDqVn