August Burns Red - Band Portrait

Band portrait - August Burns Red - Nikon D3, 14-24mm. ISO200 at f/10 and 1/50

Hot off our series of band portraits at Vans Warped Tour, Todd and I caught up with metalcore savants August Burns Red for a quick shoot on-location. Shooting notes after the jump.


Photographer’s Notes

Dont’ let the tats, crushing breakdowns or death growl scare you, the guys from August Burns Red are incredibly funny and generally awesome to work with.

As always, Todd and I our band photography Nikon style, employing several different configurations of speedlights using CLS to trigger. The lead image is lit by an SB-900 fired through a 15″ softbox, high and camera left. Another SB-900 fired into a 45″ silver umbrella was used for fill, high and camera right. Accent lighting from the back and side was provided by a pair of SB-600 units fired bare. The lighting ratios were controlled by an SB-900 in Commander mode on-camear.

With almost no ambient light left in the day, a shutter speed of 1/50 was necessary to let a little bit of atmosphere into the shot.

The money shot
Band Portrait - August Burns Red

Band Portrait - August Burns Red - Nikon D3, 24-70mm. ISO 200 at f/11 and 1/80

The tightest shot of session came during Todd’s setup below the dock.

Behind the Scenes

The BrOwyoungs light it up with Nikon CLS

After you’ve got the framing set, that lighting rig looks a lot like this:


Portrait of Chris Owyoung, music photographer

End Notes:

Thanks to August Burns Red: Jake, JB, Matt, Brent, and Dustin and additional thanks to Josh for coordinating the shoot, and to Ricardo for introducing us.

  1. @toddowyoung and I caught up with metalcore heros August Burns Red for a set of on-location portraits. #browyoungs —

  2. Chris, Great tutorial!

    I am very interested in getting into flash portrature and getting out of “in the sunset” promo shots. If you know what I mean.

    I want to have 2 SB600 with stands and softboxes.

    With my D90 do I need anything else? An on camera flash or commander of some sort? I would like to just wirelessly trigger the flashes from my D90 if that is possible! I know there is all ways of setting up these systems, but i wanted to ask a pro so here i am.

    Thanks for your help bro!


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