Jake Reed of TAT shows me his pearly whites.

One of my favorite aspects of music photography is photographing individual artists. Don’t get me wrong, photographing entire bands is awesome, but whether you’re trying to properly position the founding members of the group or make sure to photograph the drummer from his good side, band shoots often governed by rules and roles to play. On the other hand, individual portraits leave a lot of room to either get very serious or have a lot of fun. The BrOwyoungs did a little of both on our visit to Warped Tour. All of the good stuff after the jump!

Lighting Info

Straight up Nikon CLS. Without exception, the lighting setups for these photos were the sames as the Warped Tour group portraits.

Shooting Notes

Some of the best portraits come from knowing when to offer direction, when to egg someone on and when to shut up and shoot what’s in front of you. We photographed a lot of inidividual artists, here are the highlights:


Jake Reed, Tatiana DeMaria and Nick Kent get frighteningly close to the Nikon 14-24mm


Nick Kent shows me "The Guns"


Tatiana DeMaria


Nick Kent


Jake Reed



TAT with Scary Kids Scaring Kids

Yeah, that will leave a mark.

Chris Depew of Single File
Joe Ginsberg of Single File

Joe does his best "Home Alone"

Chris Depew of Single File

Chris goes metal on metal

Robert Ortiz of Escape The Fate
Jason Evigan of After Midnight Project
Spencer Bastian and Christian Meadows of After Midnight Project
Alana Grace
  1. Individual portraits at Warped: TAT, Single File, Escape the Fate & more – http://cli.gs/HUDjMr – Group shots too – http://cli.gs/ytTQV

  2. Clinton Gilders

    Hi Chris
    Nice job on the portraits! Doing that at Warped must be exhausting.

    The one thing that I notice in several is the background. I love they way it works in the Nick Kent (vertical), and Joe Ginsberg shots to frame them and lead the eye. In several other there are distracting elements. Compare the Nick Kent shot to the ones above and below it. Change in focal length and camera angle really change the impact of the background and where the eye is led.

    Believe me, I’m not claiming I could do any better in the circumstances, just pointing out what comes to mind when looking at the work you so graciously share.


  3. rt @chrisowyoungI ndividual portraits at Warped: http://cli.gs/HUDjMr – Group shots too – http://cli.gs/ytTQV

  4. Thanks for posting this, it’s just what I was googling. This is why I like blogs, you get a personal opinion from someone rather than a corporation trying to sell you on something, or an idea. I’ll be reading your blog more often!

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  6. RT @chrisowyoung Backstage Band Portraits from Vans Warped Tour, 2009 | The Best Music Photography .. http://bit.ly/prfiD