The Sounds

Maja Ivarsson, Felix Rodriguez and Fredrik Nilsson of The Sounds perform at Roseland Ballroom, NYC. September 17, 2009.

One of my favorites from what turned out to be an extremely difficult shoot. The full set of photos and shooting notes as soon as I’m done processing. Happy Friday people.

  1. Whoa, that light looks rough. Great shot nonetheless. I'll be shooting them on Monday in DC… I wasn't expecting the lighting of the No Doubt tour, but this might be a bit tougher than I thought.

  2. chrisowyoung

    I won't lie to you Brandon. It was rough. The light show was beautiful, but there was no frontlighting at all.

    We're talking ISO 3200 and 1/60 at f/2.8 and still underexposed. The full set of images might even include a couple of great shots that had to be converted to B+W to read properly.

    That being said, there were complaints from the audience that you couldn't see the band so by the time you shoot them in DC, they may have changed the lighting to your advantage.

    Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the info! Hopefully I'll get an improved version of the show :)