Cobra Starship - Nokia Theater

Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship performs at Nokia Theater in Times Square, NYC. November 20, 2009. (photo by Chris Owyoung)

In concert photography sometimes all you need is one photo. Other times, all you get is one photo. In the case of Cobra Starship’s performance at Nokia Theater, one of the only frames that didn’t look like an out of focus black cat on asphalt at midnight came at the only moment Gabe Saporta was directly front of my lens.

Nikon D3
ISO 3200
Equal measures of Spray & Pray

  1. i will be at the nokia theater with a photo pass. right of the bat i am a noobie. granted that you used a $5000 thousand dollar camera i was wondering how close (quality)to your picture would i be by using the panasonic lumix fx 150.