Welcome to the new and improved www.onelouderphoto.com. In addition to the new design, the site features several improvements that will appeal to photographers, music fans and image buyers alike. Details after the jump.

Project Goals

A fresh design with more functionality, better organization and less clutter.

The Design

Better Organization – The new site functions less like a traditional blog and more like a content management system. My concert photography, band portraits, documentary photography, tutorials and news all have distinct landing pages accessible from the homepage.

Fewer Pages – One of the best things about Graph Paper Press themes is that they expose a lot of content on the homepage. This removes the need to create separate pages for each piece of content. Fewer pages means less clutter and less management.

The new theme allows me to feature my portfolio, contact info, blog and 5 different categories of content all on the first page a visitor sees.

Choosing the Theme – Trying to find a minimalist portfolio theme that compliments the design of your flashy new business cards isn’t easy.

While there are tons of awesome themes that would have accomplished my goals on the design front, Graph Paper Press has continually released some of the most interesting and easily customizable options. Better still, the company has an amazing track record of updates and volumes of video tutorials describing everything from customization to integrating their sites with a host of functionality-rich plugins.

Although I had been considering a move to Graph Paper Press themes for nearly a year, the recent integration with the best image archiving and photo sales platform pushed me over the edge. When I learned that Graph Paper Press was partnering with PhotoShelter I almost dropped the baby I was holding my iPhone.

The Features

Easier Image Sales –  According to a recent survey of professional image buyers, the average photographer website is annoying. The issue – photographers want their websites to be unique; Image buyers simply want to buy what they need and get on with life.

Thanks to PhotoShelter’s seamless integration with the GPP Modularity and On Assignment themes, it’s now much easier to access my image archive to license my work or purchase prints.

The archive is accessible from five different points on the homepage better yet, users won’t leave my website in order to purchase.

Easier Contact – With five instances of contact information or social networking links accessible on the homepage, getting in touch with me should be a no-brainer.

Future Improvements

My expectation is that the cooperation between Graph Paper Press and PhotoShelter will only improve as time goes on. I also expect massive product improvements from both companies in the coming year. The combination of these expectations means that I’ll be in a very good position to make future improvements to the site in terms of design and functionality.

  1. Version 2.0 of my website is now live — http://bit.ly/576kvB

  2. Nice work! Lots of smart choices were made.

    • Thanks Jason. Honestly, I would have liked to have done this a long time ago, but as I’m sure you can understand, I’d rather be out shooting!

  3. Chris Owyoung

    Version 2.0 of my website is now live — http://bit.ly/576kvB

  4. 2 awesome website relaunches w/ @GraphPaperPress & photoshelter. @gavingough http://bit.ly/7FLFRv & @chrisowyoung http://bit.ly/576kvB

  5. RT @photoshelter: 2 awesome website relaunches w/ @GraphPaperPress @gavingough http://bit.ly/7FLFRv & @chrisowyoung http://bit.ly/576kvB

  6. RT @chrisowyoung Welcome to Version 2.0 | Best Music Photography & Band Portaits – Chris Owyoung, New York http://bit.ly/576kvB

  7. Congrats! Looks great!

  8. RT @photoshelter: 2 awesome website relaunches w/ @GraphPaperPress & PS @gavingough http://bit.ly/7FLFRv, @chrisowyoung http://bit.ly/576kvB

  9. Digging the new look. I like the bare bones, newspaper look. I’ve been meaning to re-do my own photography site but other crap keeps taking priority over it. From a web designer point of view, the right nav text might be a little overpowering and takes the focus away from the images. That’s just my opinion though. Ok don’t hit me next time we’re in the pit together haha.

    • Hey Bryan, I really appreciate your comments. The right nav text is overpowering (sort of on purpose). Since I’m not going to make it smaller, I think a solution might be to make it a much lighter gray.

      Lol. If I hit you in the pit, it will be because you’re in my way, not because you don’t like my font size. Word.