Montego Glover and Chad Kimball at the cast recording for Memphis The Musical at Avatar Studios. (Photo by Chris Owyoung)

In honor of the 100th performance of Memphis The Musical on Broadway tonight I’m sharing a few never-before-seen photos I took at the recording of the cast album at Avatar Studios in November, 2009. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of Memphis for hitting a significant Broadway milestone!

MemphisCast2_089_CMO4330.jpg MemphisCast_CMO4100.jpg MemphisCast2_017_CMO3987.jpg MemphisCast_CMO4153.jpg MemphisCast_CMO4072.jpg MemphisCast2_063_CMO4255.jpg MemphisCast2_028_CMO4047.jpg MemphisCast2_022_CMO4001.jpg MemphisCast_CMO4088.jpg MemphisCast2_086_CMO4318.jpg MemphisCast_CMO3974.jpg MemphisCast2_003_CMO3912.jpg MemphisCast2_097_CMO4366.jpg MemphisCast2_080_CMO4309.jpg MemphisCast2_065_CMO4258.jpg MemphisCast2_071_CMO4281.jpg MemphisCast2_092_CMO4342.jpg MemphisCast_CMO4017.jpg

Music Photography Notes

As you can see from the photos, the cast recording for Memphis The Musical was a lot of fun and a lot of work. At a time when “talent” can be manufactured in the studio, it was humbling (and amazing) to see real professionals at work. In over eight hours of straight recording, the cast of Memphis nailed song after song.

At first, I was amazed that ensemble was plowing through the score in just one or two takes; then, I was reminded that they’re used to nailing every note of the entire 2 1/2 hour performance almost every night of the week.

I shot almost entirely with ambient light using relying heavily on the 50mm f/1.8 at ISO2000 and 1/40 of the second. The 14-24mm and 24-70mm zooms were used to provide wider perspectives from time to time.

  1. Tom

    Nice, … it changes a bit from concert photography ;) but I like the series.

    • Thanks Tom!

      • Donna

        These are great. I am new to your website and love all of the pictures. I am trying to focus on music photography (just got started) and I really like how you describe the type of lens that you use and the different settings. Please keep on with the details because it helps me to know that I can get my lens (the same ones that you use) to produce quality pictures with the right settings and of course composure.

        • Hi Donna,

          Thanks for the comment. I will do my best to keep up on all of the details!

  2. For some cause only half of the post is being displayed, is it my browser or the site?

    • Hi REV,

      I’ve checked this post on three different computers with different browsers and it seems fine to me.