At long last – the video Todd and I shot while building the Mark II edition of the “Chinatown Special,” is up. Here’s the 4 minute walk-through of how to make what Todd and I think is the best DIY beauty dish around.

For the full 10-step instructions, more photos of the design, and the complete parts list, check out the full write-up for this DIY beauty dish design.

For a sample portrait and catch light detail using the Chinatown Special, check out this example. Also, stay tuned for a full write-up about using the CS “on the ground” from my promo shoot with the My Silent Bravery.

  1. DIY Beauty Dish Video Tutorial | New York Music Photographer Chris …: At long last – the video Todd and I shot w…

  2. Great post Chris! Definitely going to try this.. cheaper than that softbox purchase I was considering ;P

    • Hey Jamie,

      I should note that although the actual cutting and sanding and such don’t take very long (a couple of hours?) the painting could take a couple of days (dying time in between coats) depending on how many coats of paint you want.

      • Duly noted ;)

  3. That is soooo f’ing rad what you guys did here.
    You guys have an email list? I need more smart people in my life

  4. A nice beauty dish tutorial. I will make one of that.

  5. found a great video tutorial to build a homemade beautydish. way better than my lowes special. thanks @chrisowyoung

  6. @IndigenousIdeas Glad you like the DIY beauty dish! –

  7. El mejor DIY de un beauty dish que hemos visto hasta ahora

  8. DIY Beauty Dish Video Tutorial form New York Music Photographer Chris Owyoung

  9. A Baker

    9.9 out of 10.
    Upload to Youtube
    Way Cool…luv the ‘tude.

  10. haha classic! that is awesome, Chinatown special lol

  11. DIY Beauty Dish Video Tutorial –