Justin Pierre listens to the fans singing every word. (photo by Chris Owyoung)

Motion City Soundtrack took over The Fillmore at Irving Plaza for a evening of freewheeling punk-pop. The band is currently on tour supporting their fourth and newest release, My Dinosaur Life.

motioncitysoundtrack_019_CMO2051.JPG motioncitysoundtrack_008_CMO1991.JPG motioncitysoundtrack_002_CMO1953.JPG motioncitysoundtrack_021_CMO2068.JPG motioncitysoundtrack_022_CMO2073.JPG motioncitysoundtrack_026_CMO2094.JPG motioncitysoundtrack_024_CMO2077.JPG motioncitysoundtrack_013_CMO2015.JPG

Concert Photography Notes

Motion City Soundtrack are a fun group of guys to shoot; they look the part, keep the energy really high and they don’t hide from the camera. Aside from trying to fit all of Justin Pierre’s hair into the frame, the hardest part about covering a MCS concert is keeping the shutter speed high enough to capture all of the rocking out.

The 24-70mm and new nikon 70-200mm VR II did all of the heavy lifting at this show.

See the full set in the embeddable slideshow.

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  2. Chris Owyoung

    Photos: Of @motioncitymusic at Irving Plaza –

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  4. Sam

    LOVE these.
    MCS never disappoints.
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