Band Portraits - My Silent Bravery

I had the honor of spending the day with the guys from My Silent Bravery in their home town of Worcester, Massachusetts. Despite freezing temperatures, we executed a 5 hour shoot to create the imagery needed to support the band’s new album Are You Prepared? which is set for release in Boston on March 27. Here are a few photos from the project.

Band Portraits - My Silent Bravery Band Portraits - My Silent Bravery

Photographer’s Notes

Starting at noon and lasting until sunset, the setups for this shoot varied in both location and lighting scheme. The goal was to create a diverse group of images that ranged from rockstar looks to more casual shots of the guys hanging out around town. Many times, both looks were possible in the same setup.

As necessary, the indoor shots were lit by the Nikon CLS wireless flash system relying heavily on the BrOwyoungs DIY beauty dish, for the main light source. Here is a shot of Anthony (who was kind enough to assist on the shoot) lighting himself with The Chinatown Special.

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  1. Ruediger

    Hi Chris, as always – great work and very inspiraring.
    BTW. is this your diy beauty dish in the last photo?


  2. kimcraven

    looks great chris!

  3. Erik Quinn

    Are there any lighting diagrams for these shots?

    • Hey Erik,

      No, I did not do lighting diagrams for these shots because the setup was different from shot to shot. Did you have specific questions?

  4. @Nigerian_Chic some good lighting here….this guys is really good