August Burns Red performs at Nokia Theater in Times Square. Tour 2010 (photo by Chris Owyoung)

If there is any band that rocks too hard, it’s these guys. August Burns Red performed the first of two sold out shows at Nokia Theater in Times Square and I was there. I covered both shows on stage, back stage and from the pit and 1,000 frames later I still feel like I fell short of capturing it all.

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August Burns Red, Nokia Day One – Images by Chris Owyoung

Concert Photography Notes

After doing a set of band portraits for August Burns Red last summer and shooting their NYC date at Gramercy Theater, I was eager to work with the guys and their production team to produce another stellar set of images. With a high chance of shooting the entire set both nights, I spent the majority of night one in the pit in order to get a feeling for the band’s performance on this tour. This tactic paid off extremely well as you’ll see in the photos from night two (to follow).

I shot this set with the Nikon D3 and Nikon zoom lenses covering focal lengths from the 14mm to 200mm.

  1. Tons of photos: August Burns Red (@abrband) at the first of two sold out shows in NYC. —

  2. FG

    The first photo is perfect ; his pose, the colors, the lighting, the angle, everything.

    • Thanks FG. I look four frames of that exact moment and only one of them had that lighting! Great shots of Hedley too!

  3. Wow, what an awesome and intense Set! Great Shots…

    • Thanks Daniel! I like your recent portrait sets. Keep up the good work!

  4. Fantastic set!

    These guys are animals on stage and you complete caught that with some killer shots.

    Brilliant as usual.


  5. Dan

    Stellar set Chris….clean style, great lighting and sharp!

    Unfortunately my only shoot with them had little to no front lighting

    did manage to snap one of my fav images to date with the singer in a mic spinning frenzy :)

    • I remember that image Dan, you’re right, it’s a great one. Regarding lighting – one of the nicest things about working directly with a band to photograph their show is talking to them about the lighting considerations for the best photographic outcome.

      • Dan

        Glad you liked it as well Chris :)

        That’s nice that the band AND lighting crew took your advice into consideration & weren’t offended because it went against their usual ‘craft’

        • In my experience, lighting crews are mainly concerned with creating an atmosphere (as they should be). When there is a photography/videography is planned for the show, it simply means that they need to create drama in a different way.

          In this case, it was adding more front lighting at the proper times and taking it away during others. This made for a nice modulation of the atmosphere. When combined with the great set of stage lights at Nokia, a little extra front light can make for an amazing show. Keep in mind that I was shooting at ISO 2000 or 3200, the entire time, so there wasn’t THAT much front lighting =)

          • Dan

            Ah it looks like a hell of a lot more than thanks to the high ISO

            I (unfortunately) never have a choice venture above 1000 with the 40D, way to much noise :(

            Hopefully that may change in the next year or so…would love to take out a loan to get a 2nd body – 1D MKIV

  6. RT @chrisowyoung: Tons of photos: August Burns Red (@abrband) at the first of two sold out shows in NYC. —

  7. @ Dan,

    My personal choice when I was using noisier cameras was to use whatever ISO was necessary to achieve the proper exposure – the idea being that I’d rather have a photo that was stop motion and noisy than one that was underexposed and blurry. I proceeded this way until I could afford (or afford to rent) the gear that would get me closer to the image quality I needed.

    For what it’s worth, I would not go into debt to buy another camera body!

  8. Flip Flops and R n R , class Chris!

    • Thanks Paul. Actually, I think some of the guys had to stop wearing the flip flops 100% of the time due to lack of arch support. (That and wearing flip flops year round in NYC is generally a dubious prospect. Chinatown puddle anyone?)

  9. Looks like you had some killer house lights going on! Your shots came out great. I’m shooting these guys next week, and now you’ve got me all amped up!

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