Photos: Paramore, The Bamboozle 2010

Hayley Williams of Paramore performs at The Bamboozle Music Festival, Saturday May 1, 2010. (photo by chris owyoung)

Nothing rocks a New Jersey parking lot like The Bamboozle. Here’s a sneak peak of Saturday’s lineup including performances by Paramore, Kesha, Angels & Airwaves, Drake, VersaEmerge, Escape The Fate, Something Corporate, The Maine, The Aquabats, Hanson.

Kicking Daisies

Photos: Kicking Daisies, The Bamboozle 2010

The Aquabats

Photos: The Aquabats, The Bamboozle 2010

Something Corporate

Photos: Something Corporate, The Bamboozle 2010

Escape The Fate

Photos: Escape The Fate, The Bamboozle 2010

Bullet For My Valentine

Photos: Bullet For My Valentine, The Bamboozle 2010


Photos: Ke$ha, The Bamboozle 2010


Photos: Hanson, The Bamboozle 2010

The Maine

Photos: The Maine, The Bamboozle 2010


Photos: Drake, The Bamboozle 2010


Photos: VersaEmerge, The Bamboozle 2010

Angels & Airwaves

Photos: Angels & Airwaves, The Bamboozle 2010

End Notes:

Stay tuned for full sets from select bands, more shooting notes and photos from Sunday!

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  1. that ke$ha photo scares the $hit out of me

    • Haha, I know what you mean. (Actually, her set was pretty fun to photograph.)

  2. Photos: The #Bamboozle Day 1 feat. Paramore, Ke$sha, Drake, Angels & Airwaves, Hanson & more. —

  3. RT: @chrisowyoung: Photos: The #Bamboozle Day 1 feat. Paramore, Ke$sha, Drake, Angels & Airwaves, Hanson & more. —

  4. RT @chrisowyoung: Photos: The #Bamboozle Day 1 feat. Paramore, Ke$sha, Drake, Angels & Airwaves, Hanson & more. —

  5. Hey Chris awesome set of photos.

    Totally dig the VersaEmerge shot and the Kicking Daisies portrait.

    Gonna check day two now :) Will you be doing a post on “Preparing For A Festival” I may be doing Download and Leeds festivals over here in the UK and would love any tips you have for the ones you have done.


  6. Download is June 11-13th. I’ve been shooting with a publication for the last couple of months where I got to do Rammstein and Machine Head (at that point I had only taken photos for 3 months) and these are obviously the biggest things I’ll be doing of the year. Leeds is 28-20th August.

    Prep is the thing I’m uncertain of. Especially as these festivals require camping for the 3 days. So trying to get the mindset of doing my workflow in real time amidst an event is a scary thing. Along with keeping everything charged including myself while running around all day.

    AC/DC and Aerosmith are headlining, I couldn’t tell you how exciting that is for me.

    Keep it up the good work yourself. I also watched the Photoshelter/Blog webinar I think I was the only one to leave a comment.

    .-= Read My Last Blog Post: James Milne Still in the process of getting my new website/blog up. Should be done by Sunday night :) =-.

  7. daisy

    Hey Chris,
    the photo shoot set up is intresting, the shoot with one of bullet for my valentine’s guitarist is sick. amazing work really motivates me to do my best in music photography
    – daisy

  8. These are some big names bro. It looks like your making a good living! Keep it up