Every so often I come across something that gives me the immediate and overwhelming urge to drop what I’m doing, grab my gear and create something awesome. I had this feeling today after watching this video by Austin Walsh. The piece is a great example for still photographers who are looking to dive into motion (you might not know if from watching, but Austin is a Kansas City commercial photographer not a film maker) and a reminder that following your passions can lead to amazing projects with high potential for more business.

The video was not client commission but a personal undertaking of Austin’s ahead of his presentation at a two-day photography workshop hosted by Kansas City photography retailer Digital Labrador. For more background on the video and the workshop, check out this event post-mortem by the PhotoShelter crew.

If you love this as much as I do, please share it, give a shoutout to Austin on Twitter, and check out his blog for more inspiration.

If you’ve come across something that has instantly inspired you, please share it with me in the comments or @chrisowyoung on twitter.

  1. Eddie

    I saw this video posted somewhere else and thought the same thing. It’s great to see this transformation, not only in photography, but in normal day to day people getting their hands in photo/video/music…and using skills they never thought they had. Photographers by nature have a great eye, but most are more than just great at lighting, timing, etc…most are great storytellers, and here’s proof.

    • Eddie,

      I couldn’t agree more although I definitely think we all need to be reminded from time to time to keep telling stories instead of just shooting for the sake of documentation.

  2. Awesome video Chris, thank you for sharing!

    I have been seeing a lot of videos made with new video-capable dSRLs and it’s great to see that photographers are being capable of broaden their horizons are tear down their boundaries, all in the name of creativity and inspiration.

    I came across a sentence in a book a while back and again yesterday (while doing another reading) which I feel is completely appropriate for this: “There is no substitute for passion”.


    • “There is no substitute for passion” – love that. The quote brings to mind that young British fashion photographer Lara Jade (www.larajade.co.uk) who was doing just mindblowing work with a Canon Rebel and the kit lens if memory serves.

      • Yeah Chris!

        Lara Jade’s work is awesome! Fashion photography is not really a theme I’m particularly interested but I think she creates such beautiful images it’s impossible to be indifferent.


      • Hey Chris,

        I just came across a fantastic timelapse video that I just couldn’t help but share with you. Probably the best I’ve ever seen.

        This is definitely inspirational, at least for me. It’s worth 20min of your time.

        Paris Vol. 5: http://vimeo.com/15110823


        • Thanks Daniel, I’ll definitely check that out.

  3. So inspiring! – awesome video project by photographer Austin Walsh (@shootoutloud) — http://bit.ly/9Rnob0

  4. Nice writeup @shootoutloud @the_glendon @trustthedust RT @chrisowyoung Inspiring video Whispering Danny of Exile Tattoo http://bit.ly/9WbUGx

  5. RT @eflippin: Nice writeup @shootoutloud @the_glendon @trustthedust RT @chrisowyoung Inspiring video Whispering Danny of Exile Tattoo http://bit.ly/9WbUGx

  6. Thanks for the instant inspiration bro! Great video, I know a lot of local tattoo artists out there that will really appreciate seeing this.

    I have a lot of amazing friends who bounce back and forth between taking photos & video. Visual storytelling, that’s what it comes down to. The medium is secondary.


    Thought I’d share some work of some friends of mine that inspire me here in Hawaii.

    Marina Miller: http://www.redheartphoto.com/
    Wedding/Concert photographer, Mother of 4 boys and wife of a punk rock promoter here in HI. He puts on the shows, she used to shoot them. I actually met her when I saw some of her killer concert shots on flickr. She now takes that rock concert attitude and translates it to weddings. She just recently started doing underwater photography as well. Did I mention she also has 4 small boys? (one’s a newborn)

    Mike Orbito: http://vimeo.com/mikeorbito/videos
    Videographer & overall super nice guy
    While we’re running around w/ our cameras shooting random stuff around town, he’s running around with his steadycam or MarkII doing the same, but his work becomes short epics which he’ll create in a matter of hours. (just for the hell of it, “for the practice” he says)

    Here are some favs:

    Interview w/ Jared Yamanuha (writer/photographer)
    We have an art collective on Oahu called the Dept. of Public Works. We’ve been taking turns making videos of each other talking about what we find passionate. This was Jared’s turn.

    HI Pacific Aviation Museum

    Pacific Roller Derby