Photo of The Doobie Brothers

Here’s a quick one from my shoot with the legendary Doobie Brothers earlier in the week. It’s hard to believe that Tom, John and Pat have been rocking it for 120 years combined and they’re still absolutely killing it on stage. I was simply astounded by their performance and delighted to work with such truly nice guys.

Lighting diagram after the jump with the full set and shooting notes to follow.

Lighting diagram for Doobie Brothers photoshoot

  1. Jay

    Great shot and thanks. I love it when other photographers share that kind of info.

    Your brother reviewed those triggers. I think I may ‘splurge’ and get some.

    • Hey Jay,

      You’re welcome. Yeah, you can get a whole set of those triggers for the price of one pocket wizard, which is pretty insane. For what they are, they work really well.

  2. Would you use speedlights and cheap Chinese flash triggers to shoot The Doobie Brothers? Photo & lighting diagram:

  3. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Great shoe