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The sister duo, The Pierces charmed a packed house at Mercury lounge with their sassy lyrics and smooth folk melodies. I’d heard there was something special about Allison and Catherine Pierce and from where I was standing, all of the rumors were true – The Pierces have an effortless and endearing stage presence and a rare mix of beauty and talent.

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Photographers Notes

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  1. You’re kidding me, you were here?!

    I was too. My review of the show is here:

    Great job on the photos. I had a very hard time getting anything that night because I was very close to the stage and was too afraid to move around, and it was one of my first shows. If only I could go back and redo it.

    Care to share where you were standing and what spots you moved around to that you were able to get pictures without heads in the way?

    • Hey Rebecca,

      Thanks. In terms of position, I shoot from where ever I need to get to get the angle for the shot I want. Knowing where to stand is simply a skill you develop over time. It’s sort of like learning to play frisbee, you’ve got to learn where you need to be to catch what’s headed your way.

      I was using the 24-70mm lens from time to time so there’s nothing necessarily wrong with your choice of lenses. It’s been a few years since I used a D70, but you should be able to get it to focus more or less properly with some practice. Using an f/1.4 lens would have resulted in brighter images, but they would focus any more accurately than the 24-70mm. I sometimes resort to manually focusing my lenses if the camera is having trouble.

      I was shooting on assignment for that show.

  2. P.S. – shot with a 24-70mm lens on the crop body Nikon D70. Focusing was a nightmare! Definitely the wrong lens for the job.

    By the way, what made you shoot this show? I happen to be a fan.

    And nice to comment for a change, I tend to be a lurker on your site.

  3. I love the b/w treatment of these – some of my faves of your Chris! Really gorgeous contrast, and captures – really create a unique feel to the show!

    • Thanks Elisa. I really didn’t like the light at this show, so I decided to go b+w, which for this band, happens to fit well.