Molly Coogan

My client, the beautiful and talented Molly Coogan, is making a music video for her new song “It Could Be.” She needs a little community help to get it done. I don’t always promote on behalf of my clients, but Molly’s idea of getting an old theater, dancers and shooting the entire thing in one continuous shot, is something I’d really like to see.

If you’re in a giving and curious mood, watch her pitch video and consider helping her bring it to life.

About the photo

Molly and I worked together to create a series of promotional photos in 2010. Even though it wasn’t one of the final selections, this shot was a favorite of mine – taken with the Nikon 70-200mm VRII at somewhere around 200mm and f/3.2 using a Nikon D3 and natural light.

  1. Carroll Owens


    Yours is one cool site.

    Molly’s project sounds stupendous. I wish the location below (Edwards, NY) was about 300 miles closer to NYC.

    • Carroll! Please tell me more about that theatre! 300 miles isn’t too far!


  2. Thanks Carroll,

    I agree, Molly’s project looks great. You can help her bring it to life by donating and/or telling others about it. Spread the word!