(Chris Owyoung)

As much as I love my Instagram filters, there’s really no replacement for the magical, precious quality of real polaroid prints.  On a recommendation from Allen Murabayashi, I scoured eBay for an old land camera. Two days, $75, and a trip to Radio Shack later, I had  a working Polaroid 450 converted to use AAA batteries. So far, the 40 year-old camera has been an analog joy to use. Here are some of the shots that actually turned out  my favorite photographs taken while in the catskills for Eddie Adams XXV.

If I’m not mistaken, Fuji is the only company that still makes 8.5×10.8cm pack film. The color images were shot on Fuji FP-100C. The black and white images are Fuji FP-3000B.

 (Chris Owyoung)

Underexposing Fuji FB-3000B tends to result in some wonderfully creepy looking images.   The next image of the abandoned Swan Lake Resort is a perfect example of this.

 (Chris Owyoung)  (Chris Owyoung)

This is what  Kim Burgas and Sarah Jacobs look like after being stuck in a car with me for two hours.

 (Chris Owyoung)

Will I be using the Polaroid 450 for music photography? Damn right I will.