(Chris Owyoung)

DJ Melissa Nikita is a badass. She performs all over the world and, while I’m no expert, I’m fairly sure spinning tech-house with four turntables at once is crazy hard. I’ve known Melissa for years and while we’ve always want to shoot together, it never seemed like the right time or the right project. All that changed when she landed an endorsement from Denon DJ and the launch campaign for their new SC3900 Digital Turntable.

Melissa and I worked with Denon’s director of marketing to create a series of images that  worked in print, online, and at tradeshows to promote Melissa and the range of Denon products she relies on.

Equipment: Denon DJ
Clothing/Jewelry: Artist’s own
Hair/Makeup: Dawn Tunnell

 (Chris Owyoung)  (Chris Owyoung)  (Chris Owyoung)


 (Chris Owyoung)
  1. Thank you Chris… Awesome! Such a pleasure to finally work with you. MARATHON PRO now endorsed me as well and your images are featured there too!

    Cant wait for the next shoot. You’re the best!

    <3 Melissa