(Chris Owyoung)

I’ve been taking pictures professionally since 2006 and yet some of my favorite photos are still what I would consider happy accidents. This portrait of actor/stuntman Mark Smolinski was actually taken at a makeshift photo booth I’d set up at a friend’s wedding. Most of the photos I took that night are of the “I’m drunk and uninhibited” ilk, but Mark inspired something different when I looked through the viewfinder.

 (Chris Owyoung / www.onelouderphoto.com)

Strobist: Dynalite 2050 head with 30 degree grid above camera. SB-900 through the doorway camera right. SB-900 through curtains behing the band.

Even though I’d done several sets of promotional portraits for the New York metal band The Things They Carried. It wasn’t until last week that I got to see them perform live. Here are a few of my favorites from their show at Mercury lounge and a few portraits for good measure. Continue reading

Molly Coogan

My client, the beautiful and talented Molly Coogan, is making a music video for her new song “It Could Be.” She needs a little community help to get it done. I don’t always promote on behalf of my clients, but Molly’s idea of getting an old theater, dancers and shooting the entire thing in one continuous shot, is something I’d really like to see.

If you’re in a giving and curious mood, watch her pitch video and consider helping her bring it to life. Continue reading

Adele photographed at PC Richard & Son Theater for iheartradio.com. New York, New York, February 2011. (Chris Owyoung / www.onelouderphoto.com)

I had the distinct pleasure of photographing Adele on the eve of the US release of her second album 21, which if you haven’t already, you should run out and buy right now. Adele is gorgeous, warm, down-to-earth and unstoppably funny – just about everything a photographer could want in a subject. This shot is my hands down favorite from the session because even though it’s a manufactured moment, it’s 100% Adele,  poised and beautiful.

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Photos - Deluka photographed in Brooklyn, New York. June 2010. Copyright © 2010 Chris Owyoung. All Rights Reserved. (Chris Owyoung)

When Todd and I work a promotional shoot for a band, we typically take turns shooting while the other keeps an eye on the overall composition and makes sure we get everything we can out of the band and the setup. Occasionally, one of us will leave to prep the next look while the other continues to shoot with the band  - a “leap frog” technique that works very well when the situation demands working on-the-fly. Todd’s sunset gig with Brit-rockers Deluka provided the perfect opportunity for this style of tag team shooting. Continue reading