I’m a freelance music photographer based in New York City.

My work has appeared in numerous publications including: Rolling Stone, SPIN, VIBE, Billboard, New York Magazine, The New York Times, Symphony, Domino, Time,  and The Village Voice.

I am available for editorial and corporate assignments in the New York area and abroad.

E-mail:  chris [at] onelouderphoto. com
Phone: +1.917.572.4499


For Bands

If you’re an artist looking for photos that will help define your image, I’d love to hear from you. Request more information.

For Photo Editors and Art Buyers

I’ve shot everything from East Village basement holes to Madison Square Garden and my photos will melt your face.

Whether you need a dynamic portrait or the best concert photography you’ve ever seen, I’m the guy. I have the experience, the equipment and the talent to deliver. I can provide a diverse selection of press-ready images within hours of the assignment. View my portfolio.

Why Should I Hire You?

I’m professional, thorough and talented. More importantly, I believe that working hard and being nice is the only way to do business.


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I wouldn’t come into your house, eat your ice cream and drop kick your chihuahua, so don’t use my photos without asking first. If you’d like to use my images for your publication, promotional materials, or if you’d like to buy a print, just send me an email. I’m a nice guy and I’d be happy to help.

Note: If I catch you photo-thieving or otherwise violating my copyright I will come your house, eat your Cherry Garcia and drop kick Fluffy to the 10 yard line with a pair of steel-toes. For Fluffy’s sake, don’t do it.